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Top 10 Beauty Tricks Used by the Most Gorgeous Celebrities

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Celebrities often have such beautiful skin. Do you ever wonder what they do to look and stay so beautiful? Some celebrities can even run around without make-up and still look gorgeous just hanging out with a bit of lip gloss. So what are some of the top secret tips they use to stay young and beautiful for the camera?

The Top Ten Celebrity Beauty Secrets Revealed:

10. Moisturizer

Keira Knightley has discovered that using a good moisturizer is needed for rejuvenated glowing skin. Some celebrities say that it is one of the very best tips they have learned in their careers in show business. With hot lights and heavy make-up on set a great moisturizer helps to retain the skin’s natural moisture after the show is over.

9. Eye Cream

Kate Winslet says that under eye cream is very good for dark circles and puffy eyes. When stress has you in its grip be sure to use your under eye cream for puffy eyes. Kate says she relies on a good eye cream to retain her beautiful skin under serious stress. Eye cream is wonderful for retaining moisture within the sensitive areas around the eyes.

8. Liquid Eye Liner

Taylor Swift loves using liquid eye liner. The reason is because eyeliner is the easiest to use. Liquid eye liner is much softer to apply without stretching the precious skin around the eyes. Liquid eye liner also gives a very nice look and is easy to control. It is a much more precise way to make eyes look spectacular with thicker lines for bolder looks and thinner lines for a softer evening.

7. Grape seed Oil

Emma Stone admitted she is allergic to most everything in skin care so she uses all natural grape seed oil as a moisturizer to keep her skin soft and beautiful. Grapes have antioxidants that protect us from free radicals when ingested. Now another use has been discovered for the wonderful grape.

6. Icy Mask Treatments

Lauren Conrad opts to use icy masks for her beauty treatments. The colder the better and the longer the better and your skin will have a rejuvenated look and feel afterwards. Pain is definitely gain in this celeb beauty secret.

5. Icy Skin Facial Bath

This is a celebrity trick from Hollywood royalty Kate Hudson for staying youthful and glowing. Give your face an icy face bath. As we know hot opens the pores of the skin and cold closes the pores so an icy face bath as long as you can handle it will rejuvenate and protect your pores from free radicals.

4. Full Lashes

Kim Kardashian’s beauty tip is fuller longer lashes. Whether you like a thicker mascara that leaves your lashes gorgeously thick or putting on false lashes it can add dramatic sparkle to your eyes. You really don’t need serious eye shadow if your lashes standout with full flare.

3. Red or Berry Lips

This is an old trend that has revived with some of the beautiful lip colors out for selection. Celebs flock to traditionally beautiful red lips to bring out their gorgeous lips in style. Now add berry colored reds to the mix and you can see all sorts of gorgeous colors of red being worn by Amber Heard and Katy Perry in style.

2. Bronzer

Meryl Streep says bronzers are her favorite beauty tip. Bronzers can add a youthful shimmering glow to your skin. This is an older beauty secret that celebrities swear by. Just dust your bronzer across your eye shadow and all over your face. A good bronzer gives your skin that even tone and gorgeous highlight that shines for an evening out among the stars.

1. Blending Color Schemes For Your Whole Face

According to Make-Up Artists in Hollywood, celebrities use other techniques for the camera and these are bases, eye shadow, lashes and lips that match in gorgeous subtle color schemes. This may seem small but it can make a huge difference In how you look. Less is more so the more subtle your make up is the better with natural colors that match skin tones and give off an natural looking beauty to your face.

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