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Adovia Dead Sea Salt Mineral Conditioner

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• Rich in Dead Sea minerals, natural wild flowers, and essential oils that leave hair looking and feeling lovely and healthier.
• Formulated for any hair type, which means that anyone can use it.
• Featuring many natural ingredients which improve the condition of damaged hair.
• Hair is easier to manage thanks to the hydrating agents in this natural conditioner.
• A wonderful natural protectant and moisturizer.

Product Description

The Adovia Mineral Balsam Conditioner was formulated for use with any hair type. Whether your hair is dry, a little on the oily side, or normal, this conditioner was made for you and has all of your hair care needs in mind. After conditioning hair with this natural conditioner, hair is left stronger, more lustrous, and rich with the fragrance of wild flowers.

You may enjoy the scents and benefits of this conditioner so much so once you give it a try that you may never go back to your old conditioner again, especially if your hair tends to be on the dry side. Improve the integrity of hair, the appearance of hair, and the manageability of hair all with just one bottle of conditioner.

Use this wonderfully hydrating and nutrient rich conditioner after washing with one of Adovia’s shampoos for optimum results.

Key Ingredients of the Mineral Balsam Conditioner

A few of this natural conditioner’s key ingredients include:

Dead Sea Minerals: Minerals taken from the Dead Sea are all natural soothers and minerals that aide in the improvement of the scalp and hair. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and more, all help to keep the scalp strong and irritation free. Scalp and hair are balanced thanks to the many minerals and antioxidants found in the Dead Sea and used in this lovely conditioner.

While the conditioner works to keep hair moisturized and hydrated, it’s also protected from damage and strengthened thanks to the group effort of each and every one of these minerals.

Chamomile: Chamomile does wonders for the hair. It helps to strengthen hair follicles, soften and smooth hair, and it also soothes the scalp. When the condition of your scalp is strengthened and improved, this adds to the strengthening and improvement of your hair. The scalp plays a big role in the condition and appearance of hair. When the scalp suffers, the hair will suffer too.

Vitamin E: Conditioners rich in Vitamin E work to improve the strength and appearance of hair. Hair is left lustrous, shiny, and will appear healthier because it is stronger. The Vitamin E in this conditioner not only gets to work on improving the condition of your hair, but it also improves the condition of your scalp as well. It is a wonderful natural agent necessary when attempting to soothe and treat the scalp naturally.

A Little About the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located 1,200 feet below sea level and is one of the saltiest lakes worldwide. As the Dead Sea has evolved over many millions of years, the excess salt in the water is believed to be caused by a combination of hot dry air with a high rate of evaporation.

Along with a high salt content, the Dead Sea is also rich in over 20 minerals; minerals that are not found in other bodies of water. And each of these minerals offers many key benefits to the hair, the skin, and to the body.

Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salts have been used going back to ancient times to sooth, to treat, and to turn back the hands of time. It is a wonderful natural remedy used to treat many different ailments including scalp conditions and hair conditions.

Many of the minerals within the mud and salt of this sea, aide in the treatment of a dry scalp, a flaky scalp, an irritated scalp, and dry, damaged hair. By improving the condition of the scalp and hair with these many minerals, the promotion of hair growth and the prevention of hair loss occurs as well.

Directions for Use

  1. 1.   After shampooing hair, apply this natural conditioner to wet hair. Be sure to spread the conditioner evenly throughout your scalp and hair.
  2. 2.   Allow conditioner to sit for about 1 minute and then rinse thoroughly.

How Often to Condition with the Mineral Balsam Conditioner

The answer to this query depends upon your personal hair type and your personal hair care requirements. For hair that is on the drier side, you may wish to condition more often with a weekly deep conditioning treatment as well. Give the conditioner a try and see how your hair reacts, and give it a chance to work. If after conditioning, you feel that your hair should be conditioned on a daily basis, then condition regularly.

If your hair feels well-moisturized and tends to be on the oily side, you may wish to condition every few days or once a week. Some people don’t shampoo at all and only use a conditioner when washing hair. Only you know your hair best, so do what’s best for your hair. With that said, you’ll also want to consider the types of products that you use on your hair and whether or not you use heat styling tools.

If you frequently utilize heat styling tools to manage hair, especially on a daily basis, you may wish to condition more often. This will help to ensure that hair is kept well-nourished, moisturized, and strong to avoid damage and breakage from daily usage of these tools and products.

Another Way to Keep Hair Hydrated and Healthier

If you’re not drinking enough water, your hair will suffer. One of the many benefits of drinking water includes hydrated hair. When hair is kept hydrated, there is less chance of damage and breakage.

For Maximum Benefits and Results

Consider using in combination with the Dead Sea Mud Shampoo and other Adovia hair care products for maximum hair and scalp care benefits. When using Adovia hair care products, you’ll be the envy of the town. Everyone will want to know your secret to hair so beautiful that it shines.

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