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10 Weird Skin Care Tricks That Actually Work

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Natural Weird Skin Care Tips

When you find any type of skin care trick or tip that actually works, you want to stick with it, regardless of how weird it may be. If it works, then it works and that’s all there is to it. If you’re in search of natural remedies or different things to try in order to clear skin, remove old acne scars, or to turn back the hands of time here’s a few strange ideas to give a try. Here are 10 weird skin care tricks that actually work and very well may work for you.

Try One of These Tricks for Flawless Skin

1 - Natural Acne Spot Treatment: If you’re looking for a natural acne spot treatment, try a dab of organic apple cider vinegar. By dabbing just a little bit of apple cider vinegar on the pimple just once or twice a day, the spot should begin to fade within 24-48 hours. But the trick only works if it’s raw and organic. Dabbing a little bit of apple cider vinegar before applying your facial lotion in spots that you are prone to get acne is also a preventive measure to help avoid breakouts.

2 - Get Rid of Puffy Eyes: Whether your eyes are puffy from crying or because you didn’t get enough sleep, have no fear, you have options. Try placing slices of potato or cucumbers on your eye lids for about 10 minutes. Another weird tip that works to reduce puffy eyes is to take a cold tea spoon and place it on the eye lids. After just 5 minutes in the refrigerator, the tea spoon should be cold enough to work effectively.

3 – Toothpaste for Pimples: This weird skin care tip doesn’t work for everybody, but it may work for you. For new pimples, try dabbing a spot of toothpaste on the pimple while at home or before bed. Just don’t forget that you have toothpaste on your face before leaving the house…

4 – Skin Care Tip on Vacation: The next time you hit the sandy beaches for the vacation of your dreams consider making a homemade skin care scrub with just the beach sand and water from your vacation spot!

5 – Natural Eye Makeup Removers: If you’re not into all of the chemicals found in even the naturalist of makeup removers, consider removing makeup with olive oil or give a gentle baby wipe a try.

6 – Set Your Makeup with Steam: Yes, steam. The next time you’ve beautifully applied your makeup, especially for a big night out or for a hot date, quickly take a hot bath for about 10 minutes or find another way to gently steam your face. Consider turning the shower on hot and shutting the bathroom door to create the steam room effect. This secret, weird trick is said to help set makeup and to leave the skin with a sexy, dewy appearance.

7- Reduce Facial Puffiness with Caffeine: Rubbing a caffeine enriched cream on your face in areas prone to puffiness will quickly reduce puffiness. This trick is popular for reducing the appearance of a double chin. You could also consider using a homemade coffee grind scrub in the shower or at the sink, and definitely avoid getting near the eyes.

8 – Shrink Pores and Fight Acne with Pepto-Bismol: Pepto-Bismol contains the ingredient subsalicylate which bears a very similar resemblance to salicylic acid, which works effectively to eliminate acne. To shrink pores and get rid of acne with Pepto-Bismol, simply apply to the face and allow to sit on the face for about 20 minutes. Oddly, this works.

9 – Eliminate Puffy Red Pimples with Eye Drops or Nasal Spray: If you have somewhere important to be and you’ve just discovered a flaming red, puffy new zit, consider dabbing just a drop of any popular eye drop or nasal spray onto the zit before applying lotion and makeup. Give it time to work before applying makeup. Eye drops are known to immediately remove redness and reduce inflammation thanks to its "vasoconstrictors" agent.

10 – Effectively Cover Dark Circles with the Color Orange: By adding just a dab of "orange pigment" to any concealer, you can effectively cover dark circles without looking chalky.

And these are your 10 weird skin care tricks that actually work!

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